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Tenerife benefits from year round NE trade winds that accelerate around Mount Teide. This gives El Medano over 260 days of 4 force and over wind each year. The wind blows cross onshore, providing port tack jumping and starboard tack wave riding. The most consistent months for wind are during Summer, bringing 20-25 knot averages.  During Spring, Autumn it is slightly less consistent but it is still very rare to have a week without planing winds. In Winter it does blow regularly but with a larger wind strength range, from 15 knots to storm days up to 45 knots.


The waves in El Medano are mostly wind blown swell (with the occasional ground swell, which tend to happen more frequently in winter) so build up over a windy period but break quite gently and are rarely over logo high in the bay.


El Medano has 3 main spots: El Medano Bay, where most of the centers are located has the easiest sailing, with a sandy launch and the smallest waves. The Harbour Wall, is just a couple tacks upwind from the centre, here waves break on the end of a rock reef leaving an easy channel to sail back out, it works at low tide and is a great place to improve your wave riding.  The more advanced area which hosts the PWA wave event once a year is El Cabezo, further upwind, the waves can break the heaviest here and break on to an unforgiving rock reef on the main break, not for the feint hearted! Upwind at El Cabezo offers the same consistent wind but an easier launch with waves breaking onto sand.


Tenerife does not just boast all year wind but year round sun as well.  During the summer daytime temperatures are around 30 degrees and you only need shorts or at most a shorty on the water. Winter daytime temperature is still around 20-25 degrees but you need at least a summer long suit on the water and the temperature drops considerably at night so jeans and a hoodie are essential items to pack.


As El Medano is a wave destination it is best if you are of a reasonable sailing ability; able to plane comfortably on a small board and waterstart.  For intermediate levels wanting to become more comfortable planing and learning to waterstart we only recommend hire alongside coaching.  For beginners, lessons are available but there will likely be conditions throughout a week which are unsuitable so sailing everyday may not be an option.




TWS offers a genuine test centre environment with over 7 board and sail brands.  With a huge range of pro edition boards and all sails rigged on the correct 100% carbon masts you can not get a better variety and are sure to find the perfect equipment for your session in the waves.  

On the lighter wind days or if you have the need for speed they also boast a range of top of the line slalom equipment.

FROM £340/wk

1 wk regular season

1 wk peak season

1 wk Slalom+




Prices include a prebooking discount.  Use of SUPs and surfboards are included in the price. Flexi day booking are available, please enquire for prices. Wetsuits and harnesses are available to rent for a surcharge. Subject to availability.


DPC is a multisport center, with all windsurf and kitesurfing rentals including the use of the latest Duotone and Fanatic SUP and surf equipment. Or chose a mixture of windsurf and kite hire and never miss a day on the water with the Duotone Pro Centre Tenerife.

With a big range of windsurf equipment , on hand instructors and it's helpful staff this center can accommodate beginners up to advanced sailors.

FROM £305/wk



1 wk kite/wind mix




Price includes a prebooking discount. Use of SUPs and surfboards are included in the price. Flexi day booking are available, please enquire for prices. Wetsuits and harnesses are available to rent for a surcharge. Subject to availability.


Ocean Calling Tenerife is also located in the South Bay and gives you the option of the Pro Pack 2: the latest Simmer Style boards and rigs or the more economic option of the Pro Pack 1: last years RRD equipment, all checked and in great condition.  

If you are looking for a chilled atmosphere, friendly staff, Simmer equipment or a cheaper option Ocean Calling could be the place for you.

FROM £270/wk

1 wk pro pack 1

1 wk pro pack 2



Use of SUPs and surfboards are included in the price. Flexi day booking are available, please enquire for prices. Wetsuits and harnesses are included in the price. Subject to availability.


Godzilla Surf Shop offers the latest Goya equipment and is located at El Cabezo beach. Rig your kit and sail alongside the locals.  

Don't let the reputation of the spot put you off... the main break is notoriously rocky and a tricky place to sail but just upwind is an easy launch and waves that break onto a sandy bottom.  A decent level of sailing and a bit of local knowledge from the always accommodating staff at Godzilla is required but you don't have to be a pro!

FROM £280/wk

1 wk rental & storage

1 wk cabezo storage



Equipment is rented derigged at a storage space with WC facilities close to El Cabezo, clients can carry kit to the beach front and rig themselves. Wetsuits and harnesses are available for a surcharge. Subject to availability.

For BEGINNER rental and tuition check out our packages for

intro to watersports 


We have our own on site windsurf coach with over 20 years experience in all disciplines of the sport, from racing to waves and freestyle.  He is a member of the WindSurf Coaching team and can guide you from beginner to winner!



1 hour

2 hours 

6 hours

10 hours


1 hour

2 hours

6 hours

10 hours











Learn from the best of best: El Medano also plays host to a number of Pro Clinics throughout the year for slalom, wave coaching and specialised ladies and youth clinics. 


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